Meet The Talent Behind Consltek

Rajesh Haridas, Founder and CEO

Rajesh Haridas brings in 20+ years of experience working in the technology industry in various business and technology verticals.

During the early part of his career he worked on implementing and managing physical security system such as CCTV systems, motion sensors and access control systems for military complexes in UAE. Later on he worked at Cisco Systems in both Engineering and Professional Services roles.

He was part of team that built great products for Cisco in the Unified Communication field. In the professional services role he worked with large enterprise customers designing and implementing communications and collaborations solutions.

Before starting Consltek Inc, he worked at Kaiser Permanente as a Principal responsible for revamping their Unified Communication and Collaboration infrastructure.

Rajesh is a co-author, CCIE, husband, father and non-profit board member at Vibha not in that order. He is very passionate about underprivileged children and how education plays an important role in breaking the chain of poverty.

Apart from spending time with is family, he loves to cook, enjoys outdoors, tinker around his house and go on back country hikes whenever he gets a chance.

Adam Kuang, Chief Operating Officer

Adam Kuang is the Chief Operating Officer at Consltek. In his role he is responsible for the financial growth of the organization.

Adam brings years of experience is building customer relationship and productivity from his previous roles.

He is laser focused on bringing value to the customer.

During Adam’s tenure of about a decade as IT Manager for various companies such as Autodesk, Ideate, Inc etc, he oversaw the overall IT needs of the organization.

Outside of work, he spends time his free time with his family and his new found passion of hiking around bay area trails.

Santhosh NK, Service Delivery Manager

Santhosh is responsible for keeping our customer happy. In the role of Service Delivery Manager, he manages the Service Delivery Team and ensures a smooth experience for our customer.

Santhosh is an industry veteran and brings in more than 15 years of technology experience. He worked for several manufacturing companies and is specialized in bringing up IT infrastructure from ground up.

Santhosh holds several certification such as ITIL, Cisco and Microsoft. Outside of work, he is an avid badminton player when not spending time with his family.

Renjith R Nath, Unified Communication Expert

Renjith R Nath is our resident Unified Communication expert. In his role he provides overall supports on design, Implementation, integration and management of UC production for our customers.

He has over 7 plus years of experience in VoIP technology. Prior to joining Consltek, he was at HCL and Presidio providing UC and Collaboration support for enterprise customers.

He holds Bachelors degree in Information Technology. He is also a CCNA in both VoiP and Routing-Switching domain.

In his free time, Renjith likes to travel along with his family, and play cricket.

Priyesh Champoyil, Senior Network and Security Engineer

Priyesh is a Senior Network and Security Engineer at Consltek Inc. Priyesh has over 7 years of experience in the technology space. He is very passionate about technology and is good at it.

He has started his career in Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd providing remote and onsite support for leased lines covering 5 districts. Since 2016 he has been with Consltek Inc.

Priyesh holds several technology certifications such as CCNA, MCSA and Auvik Certified to name a few.

Outside of work, he maintains his YouTube channel for technology.

He is an absolute foodie and perfectionist in what he does.

Gurushantling M, Network Engineer

Gurushantling's role managing and remediating customer network issues.

Prior to Consltek, he worked with Wipro and Microland as a Support Engineer in Server and Network domain.

He holds an MCA and is a Certified CCNA.

He loves Cricket and traveling.

Suma L Jadhav, Network Engineer

Suma is responsible for managing and handling the customers on network issues.

Suma holds both a Diploma and Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Outside of work Suma loves to play outdoor games football, softball and trekking on adventure as she has a passion for exploring.

She never misses a chance to learn new technologies.

Roja H, Intern

Roja is our newest intern at Consltek Inc.

She learns new technologies and the basics of customer interaction.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Application and is always interested in learning new things.