What happens when you lose access to your password vault?

by Rajesh Haridas, 10 April 2023

Being a good security engineer, you put in a password vault for all your employees that need one. You ensured that everyone is using a randomly generated password. All passwords are 16 characters long and complex. It is impossible for an average person to remember this password. One day your password vault provider had an outage. Ever wondered what impact will this have on your business.?

For some business, this will have no impact at all. Their daily operations may not need access to the password vault. Most of these outages will be for a short time and everything will be back to normal before you need the vault.

Some business may be heavily dependent on the password vault. Only when you do a risk analysis you see how important some of these tools are for your business continuity. Most password managers do give an option to access the passwords offline. But it may not be the default behavior and requires you to do some extra tasks. Only when you test it out you will know if you are able to access your passwords if your vault provider goes offline.

Testing and validation is always the best way to be prepared.


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