Discover The Top 7 Benefits of Outsourcing Managed IT for SMEs

Posted On 7 Dec, 2021

Are you still contemplating whether you should or shouldn’t outsource your IT?

With more computers, servers and other technologies it is becoming all the more difficult to manage IT, right?

Let us tell you right off the bat that outsourcing your IT can save you both money and time.

According to CompTIA, 46% of managed IT service users have cut their annual IT costs by 25% or more.

Also, outsourcing IT allows managers and business owners to focus on the core business and saves them the time it takes to manage IT related issues.

We’ll spell out these benefits and some more further in the article.

Read on…


1. Outsourcing IT Saves Costs

If you hire an in-house IT team, you’d have to pay them salaries and give them other employee benefits on a monthly basis.

On the other hand, when you outsource your IT, you pay as you go. The expense becomes variable in nature which can save you a lot of money.

In fact, even if you get into a monthly contract with a MSP it would typically cost you less than hiring and retaining full-time, in-house trained IT personnel.


2. MSPs Enable You To Stay Focused

SMEs obviously have limited resources. Owners and managers have very little time and attention to spare.

In such a scenario, IT problems are unwanted distractions for them.

So, when a MSP is in place, managers and owners do not need to pay heed to such issues and they get to focus on the core business.


3. MSPs Have Qualified & Experienced Personnel

You may hire a very qualified IT team, but what really matters is their experience.

Imagine if you’re in murky waters, your team encounters a problem like never before? What would you do then?

MSPs have obviously experienced more of such problems. They have other clientele who have been through the same or similar problems.

Our team has been there done that.


4. MSPs Make Your Business More Efficient

Organizations who are hell-bent on managing all of the IT in-house spend a lot of time on planning, research and implementation. This translates into costs which the company has no other option but to recover from their clients.

MSPs on the other hand already have their ducks in a row. They can start new projects right away without huffing and puffing.

This keeps the cost in control, makes a company more efficient and also gives it an edge over competition.


5. SMEs Get IT Managed Like Large Cos

Large companies spend tons of money to maintain a highly trained in-house IT team. Small and mid sized companies cannot afford to spend that kind of money on an in-house team. The result: Their in-house team is mediocre.

But when SMEs outsource, they get a world-class team managing their IT. This can enable SMEs to act like a large company.


6. MSPs Help in Risk Management

MSPs assist their clients in assessing the risk of technological obsolescence and disruption. They assist you in identifying and resolving hazards linked with your technology footprint.

As a result, the business manager is better equipped to make the optimum risk/reward assessments for their company.


7. MSPs Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Customers are increasingly concerned about online privacy and data security.

Businesses have to adhere to a number of online security requirements in order to protect sensitive data such as credit and debit card information, e-checks, and the like from unauthorised access.

MSPs can ensure that all critical information is kept safe.



These are some benefits all companies, especially SMEs, can take advantage of.

That being said, we are not saying SMEs should abstain from having an in-house IT team.

If you feel you can’t do without an in-house team, then remember you can always hire a MSP which complements your internal team. This way you can have the best of both worlds.

    Article by:

    Rajesh Haridas

    Rajesh Haridas is the founder and CEO of Consltek. He brings in 20+ years of experience working in the technology industry.

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