Welcome to your Hackability Forecast

Don't leave your IT systems' security to chance.

Just answer some easy questions and in 5-minutes you’ll ensure that you're not leaving an open door for hackers in your company.

This could save you from potential threats.

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With Hackability Forecast  Without Hackability Forecast 
Quick Assessment
Find out the security level of your IT systems in under 5 minutes!
Time-Consuming Analysis
Without the test, assessing your security could take hours or even days.
Identify Strengths
Understand what makes your IT systems a fortress against hackers.
Unknown Weaknesses
Without the test, you may be unaware of open doors that hackers can exploit.
Simple Process
Just pick the answers that best match your situation from a set of simple questions.
Complex Evaluation
Without the test, you may need expert knowledge to evaluate your security.
Peace of Mind
Trust that you're aware and prepared to prevent possible attacks before they occur.
Potential Risk
Without awareness, you may leave your systems vulnerable to unexpected attacks.
Proactive Approach
Being aware now allows you to take timely actions to enhance security.
Reactive Measures
Without the test, you might only react after an attack has already occurred.