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Newsletter from Consltek, May 2022, #004 Edition

Hey Rajesh Haridas from Consltek here.

Being proactive and having foresight are crucial qualities in these uncertain times.

These help us do the right things and save us time and money.

You need to pick your battles wisely. Or avoid them smartly.

Cybercrime is on the rise in this world, as more people are connected to more things. It will get worse. 

Tech is hurtling at the speed of light. It’s something that gives us competitive advantage and lack of it, or slowness in it, may threaten our very survival.

Discover the latest trends in both these fields.

The theme of this newsletter is Growth and Security.
You need to keep an eye on both. Because they are connected in your business.

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This edition covers…

#1. Top Tech Trends For CEOs From 6 Famous Crystal Ball Gazers

CEOs are interested in growth, digitalization, and efficiency. Events like COVID-19, political turmoil, and climate change regularly shake up organizations.

Despite this, the promise of digital business to thrive and outperform through upheavals is obvious. In fact, force-multiplying inventions can help your company grow and advance strategically.

Browse through these 6 Technology Trend Reports from the best - Gartner, EY, Perkins Cole, Deloitte, McKinsey and IBM for 2022.

#2. 10 Expert Reports CXOs Must Read On Cybersecurity Trends

In the cyber world, uncertainty reigns. Therefore, cybersecurity expectations matter.

Protectors and defenders of security must constantly adapt their tactics and processes to stay ahead of attackers.

As our cyber ecosystems expand, so does our need to predict, recover from, and adapt to changes, quickly.

Attackers will use any means to exploit, including unprotected servers with millions of records and code flaws governing crypto wallet access.

Explore 10 Expert Reports CXOs Must Read On Cybersecurity Trends

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