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Newsletter from Consltek, June 2022, #005 Edition

Hey Rajesh Haridas from Consltek here.

The CEO is expected to be in full control of the business. After all, he or she holds the reins.

There’s a lot on the CEO’s plate. 

Expand business. Manage costs. Improve productivity. Manage time better. 

Anticipate and prepare for problems such as Cybersecurity, Internet security, invest in wireless networking, try new ways to communicate, invest in Managed IT services…

Which is why it makes so much sense to give the CEO some respite.

So, for the convenience of all the CEOs out there, Consltek presents a curated reading list of cybersecurity must reads in this Newsletter.

Devour it. Act on it.

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We live in an increasingly connected world.

We are in each other's supply chains, whether we like it or not.

This edition covers…

11 Must-Reads on Cybersecurity For visionary CEOs and CISOs

Cybersecurity is often seen as a technical challenge.

However, defending against hostile actors isn't just the IT department's or the CISO's job.

Cybersecurity managers must improve programs and integrate them into larger strategies.

They must question leaders, hold them accountable, and train everyone.

A well-run cyber program protects your brand, your data, and your customers and gives you a strategic advantage.

Explore here:

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