Presenting The Trillion $$$$
Business Opportunity In Managed IT Services

A Blueprint For Partner Profits. For Visionary SIs, VARs, VADs, IT Consultants And Independent Software Vendors.

Bite Into The Massive Managed Services Pie!

$4.5 tn revenues
That’s the global IT spending projection [Gartner]

53% to spend more
That’s the number of North American and European businesses planning to spend more for Tech in 2022 [Spiceworks Ziff Davis Report]

$1.28 tn tb invested
The expected investments by businesses on Cloud Consultancy IT services. [Spiceworks Ziff Davis Report]

Drive Your Business From Bummer To Buzzing

It’s time to look beyond your bread and butter business.

Let’s face it. Business is not exactly hunky dory. There are 7 challenges that you deal with.

  • Low margins due to stiff competition plummets profits
  • Difficult to be unique with large product catalogs
  • Frequent changes in technology and price cause distress
  • Too much learning and re-training, exhausts
  • High inventory costs wipe out the bottomline
  • Unfair trade practices get you to wince and whine
  • Pirated products are a bane that you live with

Dip Into The Rich Spread That Awaits You

Choose A Hands-off, Done-For-Your-Client Partnership Offer in Managed IT Services

Think of a proven, scalable Managed IT Services model that plugs seamlessly into your business system.

Picture a service that exponentially multiplies your value to your clients. Plus adds effortless sheen and shine to your profits.

Picture all this, backed by a team with 100+ man years in IT problem-solving for large and small businesses as your able partner.

Imagine healthy, recurring revenues flowing to you. Imagine thankful, appreciative clients giving you more business.

Managed Services: Expertly Curried To Cure IT Problems.

Healthy For Your Client’s Business, Wholesome For Your Profits.

  1. Networks & Infrastructure
    Picture high-performance, secure IP VPNs. Grief-less hosting and storage. Reduce your TCO by outsourcing your datacenter. Reduces headaches for clients.
  2. Cloud Infrastructure Services
    Think cloud orchestration for tools and apps for computing, storage, networks and operating systems. Works tension-free.
  3. Security Services
    Takes care of patching, anti-virus, malware protection, ransomware attacks, and cybersecurity raids. Designed to be nightmare-free.
  4. Communications Services
    Merges data, voice, video into one IP network. Complete contact center with intelligent IP routing, email, phone, Web, instant messaging, fax, and automated contact. Sleep soundly.
  5. Support Services
    Handles help desk responsibilities, trouble ticketing for IT problems of employees and resolves it. Rest easy.
  6. Managed Software As A Service
    Address future needs of technology, handle IT issues, maintain, secure and monitor the networks of cloud apps. Put your infrastructure in expert hands. Focus on product growth.
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    The deep technical expertise of their Engineers and their attention to detail in everything they do makes our life easier.

    We have engaged Consltek Inc on several security and unified communication projects over the last 5 years. Their ability to understand the business needs and translating it into the right solution within the budget is what stands them apart.

    - Han Cho
    Managing Partner, HC Consulting

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    Consltek consistently delivers on that ‘gold standard’ service!

    Consltek manages and currently support our network infrastructure and applications. Their engineers are very professional and are very responsive. In support, the biggest key that customers have always asked for is timely response to inquiry and support requests.

    - Neil Bocalan
    VP Technical Operations, Allgress Inc

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    Consltek has been our strategic security partner for all things AAA, NAC, and PKI.

    I’d go into any battle with their technical leadership and work ethic.

    - Shawn Jackman
    CEO Clinical Mobility Inc

Promote Your Client’s IT Health. Rejoice In Yours.

6 Reasons to Choose Consltek As Your Business Partner.

Predict And Prepare For Spends
Help your clients avoid sunk costs in salaries, benefits, insurance, and office upkeep. Consolidate opex costs into a single, fixed price. Budget for hardware breakdowns, maintenance, and repairs without busting your bank.

Ensure Super Fast Response To Crises
Help your clients avoid slow downs and poor productivity caused by downtime and tech snafus. Rest assured with 24/7, single-contact assistance even during peak traffic and holidays.

Get Proven Experience Without Pain
Your clients get qualified, trained, certified, and experienced pros to work with your team on cutting-edge tech. Save time and expense in: search, identify, interview, shortlist, negotiate and hire.

Tackle Problems Before They Balloon
Ensure proactive monitoring of their systems. Nip problems in the bud. Respond to problems, fast. Drive business continuity. Reduce downtime. Help them comply with FERPA, SOX, HIPAA, PCI…the works.

Get Top Notch Cybersecurity Support
Help prevent malware, ransomware and cyber threats. Reduce credit card abuse, client data leaks, and data breaches. Exceed the security requirements of your industry

Reduce Your Time To Market
Give your clients high-speed resources for Cloud Computing and Network & IT Management. Reduce time to market. Manage regulations, new technologies and shifting market conditions with expert ease.

Seize Consltek’s Trillion $ Opportunity Offer

Learn More At The Exclusive Webinar For Visionary Partners - SIs, VARs, VADs, IT Consultants, and Software Services.

Improve your client’s IT health. Rejoice in yours.

  • Meet Rajesh and Adam, the expert IT Principals at Consltek
  • Explore the trillion $ opportunity and ask all your questions
  • Learn if Managed IT Services is a good fit for your business.
  • Take an informed call on the next steps.
  • Mark July 17, 11:00 am PST on your calendar
  • You lose nothing. Just gain a piece of a big new opportunity.


  • Why is there a sudden tech spend spree by companies?

    Lots of factors have converged for this.

    Covid. Hybrid and Remote work. Increased transition to the Cloud. Enhanced ransomware and cybersecurity threats in 2021.

    More connected devices entering the tech mainstream spurred by IoT have made it difficult for businesses to cap spends on technology.

    The good new is that all this calls for specialized expertise to meet the growth of businesses that you serve so well.

    That’s precisely where your partnership opportunity lies.

  • What’s the culture at Consltek?

    Humans first. Everything else, second. Be kind to people. Support them. Laugh a lot. Set quality expectations high.

  • What is your team size?


    Scalable because the training processes are in place and there’s plenty of excellent technical resources we have at hand for this.

  • What verticals does Consltek specialize in for Managed IT Services?

    Healthcare, mid-size startups are where we have in-house expertise.

    See Rajesh’s and Adam’s bios in our team section.

  • Where do you start and how do we get in?

    We shall explain the full process for Partners at the webinar.

    You don’t need to commit now. Just sign up for the webinar on July 17, 11:00 am PST. We shall reveal all the secrets for your success.