Meet Your Silver Lining For IT Security

Then vs Now

The Simple IT Perimeter Security Stack

Once upon a time, IT Security was simple and predictable.

You managed: 

  1. A controlled environment of Windows desktops at the office 
  2. A server environment over LAN, or WAN.

The Anarchy IT Security Stack

Today, imagine

  1. Multiple access devices: Desktops, Tablets, Mobiles
  2. Multiple locations: #WFH, Cafes, North Korea
  3. Multiple OS: Windows, iOS, Android...
  4. Many Anti-virus software: Servers, Cloud, Desktop, Tablets, Mobile
  5. Multiple Services: Cloud storage, Wireless, IoT, Web Apps, APIs,
  6. Multiple Worries: Setup, Monitoring, Prevention, Backup: Data, Network, Cloud, Wireless, IoT, AV...
  7. Disaster Recovery & Backup: Local Storage, Cloud

Add to this, the ever looming threats

Old ones that still flourish: Phishing, Malware, Web-based attacks, Spam, DDos, Identity Theft,  Data Breach, Insider Threat, Botnets, Physical Damage/ Theft/ Loss, Information Leakage, Ransomware, Cyber Espionage, and Cryptojacking.

New ones reported: Cloud Jacking, IoT Hacking, Network Vulnerabilities caused by 5G rollouts. API Breaches, Machine Learning Threat, Deep fake audio and video, and Socially Engineered Attacks.

The picture is ominous... as neither technology nor complexity stops for us to catch our breath.

The CTOs task is unenviable

  1. Security calls for so many different skills, today. And skills are in short supply.
  2. Hiring all the resources you need for managing IT Security is impossible for SMEs
  3. Predicting the costs of anticipated problems becomes difficult if not impossible Internal IT resources in SMEs are continually understaffed and overworked. Most are firefighting, all the time.
  4. The vulnerability of companies is higher than ever before. Cyberattacks are increasing rapidly. Privacy breach lawsuits are piling up.

Here's Your Silver Lining for IT Security

Consltek's Managed IT Security Services are the perfect complement to your internal IT Team.

You get all the experience and expertise of an ace IT Team that has been there, seen it all, and works with 100s of companies of all sizes.

Get Consltek into your corner of the ring. Take the IT Security burden off your shoulders, for a fixed monthly fee. SLAs included.

Costs less, hurts less, security outsourcing with a peace-of-mind bonus.

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    The deep technical expertise of their Engineers and their attention to detail in everything they do makes our life easier.

    We have engaged Consltek Inc on several security and unified communication projects over the last 5 years. Their ability to understand the business needs and translating it into the right solution within the budget is what stands them apart.

    - Han Cho
    Managing Partner, HC Consulting

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    Consltek consistently delivers on that ‘gold standard’ service!

    Consltek manages and currently support our network infrastructure and applications. Their engineers are very professional and are very responsive. In support, the biggest key that customers have always asked for is timely response to inquiry and support requests.

    - Neil Bocalan
    VP Technical Operations, Allgress Inc

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    Consltek has been our strategic security partner for all things AAA, NAC, and PKI.

    I’d go into any battle with their technical leadership and work ethic.

    - Shawn Jackman
    CEO Clinical Mobility Inc