Transforming Healthcare Security: 5 Case Studies Proving the Power of SASE Solutions

Posted On 27 Sep, 2023



In the U.S. alone, the numbers for healthcare are harrowing, with an 86% uptick in weekly cyber onslaughts. It’s like a ceaseless storm, each lightning strike threatening to ignite a wildfire that could incinerate sensitive patient data and cripple life-saving operations.

Amidst this chaos, traditional network fortresses crumble like sandcastles against a tidal wave—ineffective, exorbitantly expensive, and labyrinthine to navigate. 

But there’s a beacon of hope piercing through this digital tempest: Consltek + Cato SASE. This dynamic duo is not just an upgrade; it’s a revolution, a seismic shift in healthcare IT security.

In this article, we’ll journey through five riveting case studies, including the Consltek-managed marvel at Cleveland University in Kansas City. Plus, four other healthcare transformations orchestrated by Cato, the leader in single vendor SASE Solutions

Each narrative is a testament to the life-altering impact of Consltek + Cato SASE solutions in the healthcare arena.

Cleveland Clinic: Consltek’s Transformative SASE Services For Healthcare

Before Cato + Consltek, Cleveland Clinic was a maze of fragmented security solutions and skyrocketing costs. 

Post-implementation, their IT transformed into an impenetrable fortress, streamlined and cost-effective. 

They went from chaos to a well-oiled machine in just weeks, saving both time and money while enhancing security.


Fullerton Health Transforms Network Security with Cato SASE, Achieving Unprecedented Savings and Agility

Imagine Fullerton Health, a healthcare behemoth with 550 locations across nine Asia-Pacific countries, as a digital fortress on the brink of chaos. 

Transforming Healthcare Security: 5 SASE Case Studies
Source: Fullerton Health Builds a Secure SASE Linking 550 Locations and the Cloud, Thanks to Cato

Fragmented security solutions, skyrocketing data growth, and looming cyber threats were the dragons at the gate.

Enter Cato SASE, the knight in shining armor, transforming this chaotic landscape into a well-oiled, impenetrable fortress.

The transformation was nothing short of miraculous. 

Telecom costs plummeted by a staggering 30%, freeing up a treasure chest of savings. The network became agile and scalable, adapting to challenges like a chameleon changing colors. Security was fortified, making Fullerton’s digital realm as secure as a medieval castle.

But the real marvel? 

This transformation occurred during the global pandemic, proving Cato SASE’s resilience and adaptability. Fullerton Health didn’t just solve problems; they revolutionized their approach to network security. With Cato SASE, they found their North Star, guiding them through the treacherous waters of network complexity and cyber threats.

In a world where network security is a battlefield, Cato SASE Cloud is the skilled general you want on your side. Ready for your own transformation? 

The future is SASE. Seize it now.


Arlington Orthopedics: A Leap from IT Chaos to Agile Excellence with Cato Cloud

Imagine Arlington Orthopedics, shackled by a $10,000 monthly toll for an outdated MPLS network and clunky firewalls. 

George McNeill, the Director of IT, felt like a captain steering a sinking ship. Enter Cato Cloud, the knight in shining armor, slashing costs and untangling the complex web of legacy systems.

Transforming Healthcare Security: 5 SASE Case Studies
Source: Arlington Orthopedics Replaces Carrier-Managed SD-WAN Service

The transformation was revolutionary. 

The 90-day waiting period for new office deployments? Vanquished. Costs plummeted, agility soared, and the IT team shifted from a reactive to a strategic role. Cato Cloud’s secure, cloud-based SD-WAN empowered Arlington Orthopedics to nearly double their regional presence, all while maintaining a lean, patient-focused IT team.

In a nutshell, Cato Cloud didn’t just upgrade Arlington’s network; it redefined what’s possible in healthcare IT. 

The result? A nimble, cost-efficient, and agile operation that puts patient care front and center. With Cato Cloud, Arlington Orthopedics transformed from an IT-laden behemoth to a streamlined, patient-focused powerhouse.


Complete Care Community Health Center Transforms IT Chaos into a Streamlined, Cost-Efficient Network with Cato

Complete Care Community Health Center (CCCHC) was drowning in a sea of disparate technologies, thanks to a decade of mergers and acquisitions. 

Transforming Healthcare Security: 5 SASE Case Studies
Healthcare Provider Complete Care Gains Control Over Its Network and Costs with Cato

Their network was a patchwork quilt of DSL, T1, and fiber lines, with no SLAs or redundancy. Costs were spiraling, especially for their LTE service, which alone cost $2,000 a month. Each new clinic added its own firewall, creating a jigsaw puzzle of legacy products that made HIPAA compliance a nightmare.

Cato’s cloud-based network offered a unified solution that streamlined all of CCCHC’s woes into a manageable, cost-effective system. The transformation was immediate and profound. 

Bandwidth costs plummeted from $2,000 to $300 a month for one clinic. A single pane of glass replaced the need to probe each firewall, providing instant network-wide visibility. This newfound clarity allowed CCCHC to prioritize applications and significantly improve their communication systems.

Eric Norberg, CTO at CCCHC, summed it up: 

“With Cato, we went from being a mom-and-pop clinic to a corporate entity with a secure perimeter around all nine locations. The insight and control we now have has changed our dynamic for good.”

The result? A healthcare provider that’s not just surviving but thriving, with a robust, secure, and cost-effective network, thanks to Cato.


Universal Mental Health Services Transforms Network Security and Simplifies Management with Cato Cloud

Universal Mental Health Services (UMHS) faced a complex network environment that was both costly and difficult to manage.

Initially designed to connect 12 branches via MPLS backhauling to a central datacenter, UMHS soon found MPLS too expensive and geographically limiting. This led to a fragmented network, with five branches connected via SonicWALL Firewalls and VPNs.

The result was a convoluted mesh of two different architectures that were labor-intensive to maintain and prone to disruptive updates.

Transforming Healthcare Security: 5 SASE Case StudiesFirewall Elimination: Universal Mental Health Services Case Study

The turning point came when UMHS discovered Cato at an industry event. Intrigued by the buzz around Cato’s booth, UMHS decided to replace all its SonicWall Firewalls with Cato’s solution. The transition involved establishing an IPSEC tunnel to Cato from the datacenter firewall and replacing SonicWalls at each branch with a Cato Socket.

The impact was immediate and transformative. 

UMHS eliminated connectivity issues, streamlined policy management, and enhanced security across all locations. Cato’s scalable solution also negated the need for unplanned hardware upgrades and cumbersome software patches. Now, UMHS enjoys a unified, secure, and easily manageable network that coexists with its MPLS-based system.

So satisfied is UMHS with Cato that they plan to migrate all MPLS locations to Cato Cloud, anticipating thousands of dollars in savings. 

Cato has empowered UMHS with unprecedented visibility and control over its network, revolutionizing their approach to network security.



The synergy between Consltek and Cato Networks creates a formidable force in Managed SASE solutions for the healthcare sector. 

Consltek brings to the table a wealth of experience in SASE Healthcare Security Implementation, acting as the strategic architect that can blueprint and execute complex security landscapes. 

Our hands-on experience in healthcare settings for many years now, ensures that you get an MSP who understands the unique challenges and compliance requirements of the healthcare industry.

On the other side, Cato Networks has a proven track record of successful SASE implementations in healthcare. Their technology is like the high-grade mortar that perfectly binds the bricks of a well-designed security architecture, ensuring that it stands tall against the relentless onslaught of cyber threats.

When Cato and Consltek join forces, the result is nothing short of revolutionary. It’s like combining a master chef with the finest ingredients; the outcome is a gourmet meal that not only satiates but delights. 

In this case, the gourmet meal is a robust, scalable, and agile Managed SASE solution that addresses the unique challenges each healthcare organization faces.

So, whether it’s navigating the labyrinthine corridors of compliance, unifying fragmented network architectures, or fortifying the walls against cyber threats, the Consltek + Cato alliance offers a one-stop SASE solution for healthcare organizations.

It’s not just about solving problems; it’s about transforming the very way healthcare organizations operate and secure themselves in this digital age.

    Article by:

    Rajesh Haridas

    Rajesh Haridas is the founder and CEO of Consltek. He brings in 20+ years of experience working in the technology industry.

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