Simplify and Secure Your Business with Consltek’s Managed Services

Simplify and Secure Your Business with Consltek’s Managed Services

Simplify and Secure Your Business with Consltek’s Managed Services

Simplify and Secure Your Business with Consltek’s Managed Services

Our promise is simple

Partnering with Consltek guarantees a robust, easy-to-use solution that secures your business, empowering you to move forward confidently, worry-free. We specialize in taking difficult tasks off your plate, allowing you to focus on your core initiatives. Enjoy the results without the stress.

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Why work with Consltek?

Customer first Approach

We understand that IT and Security are meant to achieve the goals of business and not hinder it. At Consltek, our goal is to ensure that customer’s business goals are met by implementing the right technology and process.

ITIL Process

At Consltek we strongly believe that good process is the key to efficiency and scaling. By strictly following ITIL process we ensure that your business is prepared to scale.

Deep Engineering Expertise

Consltek’s leadership team brings in decades of experience working with enterprise and mid-size businesses.

Outstanding Response

At Consltek you will clearly be able to see the difference in response to your support needs. We take ownership of the problems and bring a solution in a timely manner.

No Lengthy Contracts

At Consltek we believe that if we do an outstanding service, our customers will stay with us. That is why we give our customers 90 days to try our service without any obligation. Even after 90 days, we make it easier for our customers to leave if they are not happy with our service.

Happy Employees

At Consltek we believe that happy employees build successful companies. We invest in our employees and make sure their life goals are met.

All other bells and whistles

Industry standard SLA, weekly meetings, quarterly briefings and dedicated account manager are some of the included features.

Set up a no-obligation consulting session.

Stirling V. Howell

Vice President of Administrative Services Cleveland University of Kansas City

“Working with Consltek has been a game-changer for us. Unlike other Technology and Managed Services providers, Consltek truly focused on our needs. They assigned a dedicated account manager who took a personalized approach to building a deep relationship with our technology team and entire organization. They took the time to really understand our business, personality, requirements, and expectations. This level of understanding makes working with them incredibly easy and efficient. They tailor their solutions to our specific needs, which has exceeded our expectations. Through our partnership, Consltek identified IT savings in our licensing, how we manage our infrastructure and technology spending, resulting in significant reductions in our total technology costs. Additionally, their solutions have enabled us to deliver a higher-level service delivery to our organization, propelling our further total success. Consltek has become a trusted partner, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them”.

Managed Security

Enterprise grade security for mid-size businesses.

Managed Infrastructure

Infrastructure enabling you or holding you back?

Managed Compliance

Let Consltek help you with your compliance needs.