Cato SASE Cloud plus Consltek’s Managed SASE Services Equals Secure Healthcare Innovation

Posted On 28 Sep, 2023


Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, where innovation takes the form of cloud technologies, the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), telehealth, and mobile applications, a new chapter in patient care is being written. 

These advancements hold the promise of more efficient and accessible healthcare services, but they also unveil new vulnerabilities, expanding the attack surface within the healthcare sector. 

In this transformative journey, the need for a fresh approach to security becomes paramount.

Enter Cato SASE Cloud, a groundbreaking solution that transcends traditional boundaries by seamlessly merging networking and security. 

Notably, it emerges as a top-tier choice for small to mid-sized healthcare businesses, offering a robust security paradigm to navigate the migration to the cloud securely.

In this article, we embark on a journey to address some of the key questions posed by healthcare customers regarding the implementation of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). 

We shed light on the intricacies of this transformative technology. Plus, share our insights into how Cato SASE Cloud can empower healthcare organizations to embrace the future while fortifying their digital defenses.


Picture a bustling small or mid-sized healthcare business, where every byte of data is as precious as a heartbeat. 

Let’s journey through the reasons why Cato SASE is the beacon of hope for healthcare organizations of this size.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

  • Unified Access Controls

    Imagine a control center where the strings of access are seamlessly woven together. 

    Cato SASE unfolds this vision by offering unified access controls that stretch across hybrid environments, all orchestrated from a single, user-friendly interface. 

    It’s like having a master conductor for your healthcare network, simplifying access management and turning administrative tasks into a harmonious symphony.

  • Microsegmentation

    Visualize a fortress with multiple layers of protection, each guarding a treasure. 

    Cato SASE achieves this with microsegmentation, a digital moat that isolates the crown jewel of healthcare data – Electronic Health Records (EHRs). 

    It stands sentinel against lateral movement within the network, ensuring that sensitive patient data remains securely locked away from prying eyes.

  • Consistent Access Policies

    Picture a library where every book follows the same cataloging system. Cato SASE ensures consistency by implementing identity-based access policies across diverse clinical applications. 

    It’s like organizing a vast library into a well-structured database, simplifying access management and ensuring that security standards resonate throughout the healthcare infrastructure.

  • IoMT Device Security

    In the realm of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), envision vigilant sentinels guarding the digital health of patients. Cato SASE plays this role by providing robust security with behavior monitoring for IoMT devices. 

    It’s akin to having watchful guardians that proactively shield against potential threats targeting these interconnected medical devices.

  • Data Encryption

    Imagine patient data as a confidential letter, sealed in an impenetrable envelope. 

    Cato SASE ensures the digital equivalent with end-to-end encryption, guaranteeing that sensitive information remains a secret throughout its journey within the healthcare network.

  • Advanced Threat Protection

    Picture a vigilant guardian who scans the horizon for emerging dangers. Cato SASE does precisely that with inline traffic inspection. 

    It identifies and swiftly mitigates advanced threats in real-time, ensuring that the healthcare system remains shielded against the ever-evolving cyber threats.

  • Telehealth Optimization

    Envision a seamless bridge connecting patients and healthcare providers, where the quality of care transcends physical boundaries. 

    Cato SASE optimizes connectivity and Quality of Service (QoS) specifically for telehealth services. 

    It ensures that remote healthcare delivery is not just reliable but of the highest quality, making each virtual visit as reassuring as an in-person appointment.

This comprehensive solution empowers healthcare organizations to embrace digital transformation with open arms, knowing that patient data is safeguarded like a treasured gem and the network remains as sturdy as a fortress.


How can Consltek, a Managed SASE Services Provider help healthcare companies with Cato SASE Cloud Implementation?

Imagine a world where healthcare companies seamlessly integrate cutting-edge security solutions to safeguard patient data while optimizing their operations.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

Consltek, a seasoned Managed SASE Services Provider, is here to turn this vision into reality.

Let’s dive into how Consltek can assist healthcare organizations with the implementation of Cato SASE Cloud.

  • Security Audits and Assessments

    Picture a meticulous examination of your healthcare network, akin to a surgeon’s precision.

    Consltek conducts comprehensive network and security audits, identifying vulnerabilities, risks, and gaps that may have lurked in the shadows.

    With laser focus, we review your infrastructure, policies, and procedures, mapping risks to stringent compliance frameworks like HIPAA.

    We delve deep into your application landscapes and data flows, deciphering the intricate web of segmentation needs.

  • Architecture Design and Planning

    Think of this as the blueprint for your healthcare fortress. Consltek architects an optimal SASE environmenttailored to your healthcare landscape and unique use cases.

    We provide you with a roadmap for network transformation, unveiling a phase-wise implementation plan that ensures a smooth transition.

    Every configuration, policy, and integration with critical clinical systems like Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is meticulously determined.

  • Implementation and Configuration

    Now, envision the actual construction of your fortified healthcare network.

    Consltek deploys and configures Cato SASE Cloud components with the precision of a surgeon’s scalpel.

    We seamlessly integrate Cato with your existing network, security, and clinical systems, ensuring a cohesive and harmonious ecosystem.

    Your applications and precious data are migrated to the secure embrace of Cato’s connectivity.

    The functionality, failover capabilities, and compliance controls are rigorously validated to ensure airtight security.

  • Training and Enablement

    Consider this phase as the passing of knowledge and empowerment.

    Consltek equips your IT teams with comprehensive training on managing, operating, and supporting the Cato SASE environment.

    We meticulously document runbooks, operating procedures, and technical workflows, empowering your team to take charge of change management, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

  • Ongoing Management and Support

    Imagine having a vigilant guardian, available round-the-clock, ensuring the health of your healthcare network. Consltek offers 24/7 monitoring, troubleshooting, and unwavering technical support for your Cato environment.

    We manage software upgrades, patches, and security policy updates seamlessly.

    Capacity planning is our forte, ensuring Cato scales effortlessly to meet your evolving needs. We optimize performance and uptime, providing you with reports and audit trails that serve as a beacon of compliance.

    Let Consltek Inc be your partner in this journey towards safeguarding patient data while elevating your healthcare operations to unprecedented heights.


What are the benefits of Cato SASE Cloud for the healthcare industry?

Cato SASE Cloud empowers healthcare organizations with productivity gains from optimized telehealth and workforce mobility. 

It offers enhanced security via unified controls and threat prevention, operational efficiency through reduced complexity and overhead, robust regulatory compliance capabilities, and business agility to accelerate delivery innovations. 

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

By converging robust networking and security in a flexible cloud-native platform tailored for healthcare, Cato SASE Cloud enables protection of sensitive patient data while unlocking the next level of digital transformation for modern healthcare organizations.

Productivity Gains

  • Optimized connectivity and QoS for smooth telehealth consultations and collaboration
  • Faster access to patient data across locations for informed clinical decisions
  • Less network downtime with reliability and redundancy built-in

Enhanced Security

  • Unified identity-based access controls to secure patient data
  • Isolation of sensitive systems to restrict unauthorized access
  • Inline traffic inspection to block advanced threats targeting healthcare
  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest to prevent breaches

Operational Efficiency

  • Single pane of glass to manage networking and security enterprise-wide
  • Reduced overhead with integrated capabilities versus multiple tools
  • Scales on demand to accommodate healthcare’s dynamic growth
  • Consolidated policies across hybrid environments

Regulatory Compliance

  • Fine-grained access controls aligned to HIPAA and other regulations
  • Auditing and reporting for adherence to healthcare compliance standards
  • Retention and disposal policies to meet regulatory data archival needs

Business Agility

  • Cloud-native platform to accelerate digital transformation initiatives
  • Adaptive architecture supports new healthcare delivery models
  • Built-in redundancy for always-on clinical systems uptime
  • Easy to deploy pop-up clinics, remote sites, home health initiatives


Why is the combination of Cato Networks’ SASE platform and Consltek’s managed SASE services an ideal fit for the Healthcare industry?

This partnership harnesses domain expertise in both SASE technology and Healthcare IT management to deliver the most secure, compliant and operationally efficient SASE implementation tailored for the healthcare sector.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

  • Healthcare Expertise
    Consltek brings deep experience in healthcare IT integration, security, compliance, and clinical workflows. Cato provides optimized SASE capabilities for healthcare use cases.
  • End-to-End Solution
    Together they deliver a comprehensive end-to-end SASE platform tailored and managed for healthcare environments.
  • Accelerated Deployment
    Consltek’s expertise helps deploy Cato faster and integrate it with existing EHR, IoT, network and security systems.
  • Simplified Compliance
    Joint HIPAA expertise helps configure Cato to address encryption, access controls, auditing, policies and other compliance needs.
  • Enhanced Visibility
    Healthcare-specific dashboards, monitoring, and asset management provide unified visibility across the healthcare IT infrastructure.
  • Optimized Performance
    Consltek tunes Cato for optimal uptime and performance for telehealth, medical devices, EHR access and other clinical apps.
  • Ongoing Optimization
    Consltek manages the Cato SASE environment proactively for healthcare customers, handling updates, maintenance, and support.
  • Risk Reduction
    Consltek’s layered security expertise and Cato’s cloud-native SASE offer robust threat protection for healthcare organizations.
  • Future-proofing
    Together Cato and Consltek provide an adaptable platform to support emerging care delivery models and healthcare IT advances.


How does Cato SASE Cloud help with Compliance in the Healthcare industry?

Imagine the intricate world of healthcare compliance, where the stakes are as high as a surgeon’s precision. Cato SASE Cloud steps into this arena like a seasoned maestro, orchestrating a symphony of solutions.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

  • Meet HIPAA Compliance Requirements

    Picture the formidable fortress of HIPAA compliance rising before you. Cato SASE Cloud stands as the architect of assurance, constructing the safeguards necessary to meet the stringent requirements.

    It encrypts data with a digital cloak, sets up access controls like sentinels at the gates, and meticulously logs every move, leaving no shadow for unauthorized activity.

    In the battle against malware, it becomes a knight in shining armor, defending the realm. And when the need for secure remote access arises, Cato SASE Cloud extends a lifeline that’s as secure as a steel chain.

    It doesn’t stop there; it offers guidance akin to a wise mentor, showing the path of technical implementation, conducting audits like a discerning inspector, and nurturing the growth of HIPAA-compliant policies.

  • Secure Patient Health Information (PHI)

    Envision the precious treasure of patient health information, locked in a digital vault. Cato emerges as the guardian, ensuring that PHI remains hidden from prying eyes.

    It wraps PHI in layers of encrypted connections, as impenetrable as a fortress wall. Granular access controls are like layers of armor, only allowing entry to the trusted.

    Microsegmentation acts as an isolation chamber, protecting PHI systems like the crown jewels. And when the shadows of malware loom, Cato stands as a vigilant sentinel, repelling threats with the fury of a dragon.

    Its activity logging is meticulous, like a historian chronicling every moment, ready to provide the scrolls for compliance audits.

  • Align Usage with Clinical Workflows

    Imagine the intricate dance of clinical workflows, where precision is paramount. Cato seamlessly joins this dance, integrating with healthcare apps like a choreographer orchestrating every move.

    It applies access policies with the finesse of a conductor, considering user role, device, and context to ensure the perfect harmony of security and workflow.

    And when critical apps take center stage, Cato ensures they have the spotlight, with network priority and Quality of Service (QoS) as bright as a spotlight.

  • Support Data Retention and Disposal Regulations

    Visualize the timeline of data retention and disposal regulations, where the past must make way for the future. Cato takes on the role of timekeeper, enforcing timed data disposal policies with the precision of a clock.

    It automatically deletes old activity logs, ensuring that the past doesn’t clutter the present. And when long-term retention is required, Cato provides a safe vault to back up logs, preserving the history before gracefully allowing it to fade away.

    In the realm of healthcare compliance, Cato SASE Cloud doesn’t just provide solutions; it crafts an epic tale of security, protection, and alignment with clinical rhythms.

    With Cato, compliance becomes not just a requirement but a vivid and visceral reality in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape.


How does Cato SASE Cloud help with system integration in Healthcare

This integration extends the hand of consistent access, security, and compliance policies across these diverse areas, ensuring that the entire healthcare landscape operates in harmony.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

  • Integrate with Electronic Health Record (EHR) Systems

    Imagine a surgical suite where every instrument is finely tuned. Cato is the surgeon, providing APIs and SDKs as the surgical tools to enable deep integration with EHRs.

    This isn’t just integration; it’s a fusion of data, creating a symphony of unified visibility, where access controls stand as vigilant gatekeepers.

    Security policies are the scalpel, slicing through vulnerabilities with surgical precision.

    And like a conductor, Cato orchestrates the EHR app traffic, ensuring that each note plays in harmony, with Quality of Service (QoS) as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel.

  • Protect Medical Devices and Healthcare IoT
    Visualize a digital hospital, with medical devices as the lifeblood of patient care. Cato is the guardian, identifying and fingerprinting each connected medical device like a watchful nurse checking vital signs.

    Access controls are the nurses, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access these digital patients.

    Segmentation is the sterile barrier, isolating vulnerable devices like quarantine rooms. Anomaly detection is the vigilant nurse, spotting any unusual behaviors that hint at compromise.

    Secure connectivity is the shield, preventing threats from spreading like an infectious disease.

  • Simplify Securing Multi-Site Healthcare Networks

    Envision a vast hospital network, sprawling like a cityscape. Cato becomes the city planner, offering a single pane of glass that oversees security for all sites.

    Microsegmentation is the blueprint, ensuring that each building has its security plan, easily replicated across the network like city blocks.

    Secure encrypted connections between sites are established with the ease of a skilled architect, connecting healthcare hubs like a network of bridges.

  • Support Hybrid Healthcare Network Architectures

    Picture a world where clouds and on-premises environments coexist. Cato becomes the diplomat, securely connecting these disparate realms with consistent security controls.

    It’s like a treaty ensuring peace across the diverse landscape of on-premises, cloud, and remote locations.

    Cato brokers and inspects traffic, serving as the envoy that negotiates a safe passage between the legacy and the cloud-based apps.

  • Integrate with Patient Health Apps and Wearable Medical Devices

    See patients embracing health apps and wearable devices as part of their daily routine.

    Cato becomes the digital handshake, fingerprinting approved health apps and IoMT devices.

    It offers secure access controls, protecting the gateway to vital healthcare data. Custom inspection policies are the vigilant guards, ensuring that the safety of the entire healthcare network is never compromised.

  • Integrate with Clinical Systems Beyond EHRs

    Visualize the vast realm of clinical systems extending beyond EHRs to PACS for imaging, LIS for labs, RIS for radiology, and more.

    Cato stands as the bridge builder, integrating seamlessly with these systems using its APIs and SDKs.


How does Cato SASE Cloud support performance and reliability in healthcare?

Cato SASE Cloud emerges as a relentless guardian of performance and reliability, wielding a arsenal that cuts through IT chaos with precision.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

  • Multiple Options for Healthcare-Specific Network Performance Needs

    Imagine a hospital bustling with life, where every second counts. Cato is the conductor of this symphony, providing several options to meet healthcare network performance requirements.

    Quality of Service (QoS) policies stand as the maestro, prioritizing the critical traffic of medical devices, telehealth apps, and EHR access with the precision of a virtuoso.

    Dynamic MPLS links become the unbreakable bonds, ensuring reliable connectivity between hospital sites, like lifelines between critical organs.

    Carrier-grade NAT is the powerhouse, supporting high-density IoT device deployments with the strength of an industrial generator.

    Increased bandwidth allocations act as the accelerator, propelling bandwidth-heavy apps like medical imaging at the speed of light.

    Local Points of Presence (PoPs) are the nerve centers, keeping traffic within the region and optimizing the connectivity to cloud apps.

    Monitoring tools are the vigilant guardians, offering real-time insight into app performance and network issues, like doctors closely watching vital signs.

  • Address Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Healthcare

    Visualize a hospital as a fortress, where every breach is a potential catastrophe.

    Cato is the fortification, providing built-in redundancy across its global private backbone to prevent outages.

    Healthcare traffic is the agile acrobat, dynamically rerouting around failures with the grace of a high-wire performer.

    If a location goes down, Cato policies are the swift responders, automatically activating backup links like first responders in an emergency.

    Encrypted connections are the unwavering bond, persisting across failover like the unwavering resolve of healthcare professionals.

    Cato health checks and monitoring are the vigilant nurses, ensuring rapid response to any signs of trouble.

    High availability SLAs are the financial shield, providing remedies for any platform-related downtime like insurance for the healthcare network.

  • Optimize Application Performance for Telehealth Apps

    Envision a world where telehealth apps bring healthcare to your doorstep.

    Cato is the facilitator, optimizing the performance of these apps with a multitude of techniques.

    QoS policies are the conductors, ensuring that telehealth traffic takes the center stage with the brilliance of a lead performer.

    Dynamic routing is the navigator, guiding traffic based on real-time network conditions, much like GPS for healthcare data.

    Expanding available bandwidth is the accelerator, ensuring that telehealth apps race forward without a hint of lag.

    Offloading traffic to local Cato PoPs is the shortcut, minimizing the distance telehealth data has to travel, like a teleportation device for healthcare information.

    Granular monitoring is the vigilant sentinel, closely watching telehealth app performance and leaping into action when issues are detected, like a guardian angel ready to intervene.


How does Cato SASE Cloud help with Monitoring & Visibility in healthcare?

In Healthcare Monitoring & Visibility, Cato SASE Cloud becomes the vigilant guardian, uncovering every secret and learning every lesson.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

  • Visibility Tools Tailored to Healthcare Security Monitoring

    Picture a control room, where every monitor is a window into the healthcare network’s beating heart. Cato provides an array of specialized tools, tailored for healthcare’s unique demands.

    Prebuilt healthcare dashboards are the command center, offering panoramic views of network activity, users, devices, and apps, like the captain’s deck on a ship navigating treacherous waters.

    Healthcare compliance reports are the auditor’s magnifying glass, meticulously examining every nook and cranny for HIPAA compliance, like an investigator searching for clues.

    Custom alerts are the watchmen, guarding protected health information (PHI) with unwavering vigilance, ready to sound the alarm at the slightest hint of danger.

    Device profiling is the detective, unveiling the identity of unrecognized medical equipment, like a forensic expert uncovering secrets.

    Healthcare app discovery and shadowing are the spotlight, revealing the performance nuances of vital applications, like a theater director fine-tuning a performance.

    Traffic analysis is the detective duo, scrutinizing the conversations between medical devices, uncovering anomalies like skilled investigators on a case.

    Healthcare incident response workflows and playbooks are the emergency response team, ready to leap into action when the alarm bells ring, like first responders at a disaster site.

  • Lessons from Healthcare Customer Deployments

    Envision a battlefield, where each deployment is a hard-fought battle, and every lesson is a battle scar. Cato has learned valuable lessons from these healthcare deployments.

    The importance of granular segmentation is like building strong fortifications between patient care and business operations, ensuring that the battlefield remains secure.

    The value of accelerating cloud adoption while maintaining HIPAA controls is like forging ahead on a quest while ensuring the treasure is protected at all costs.

    Different QoS requirements for clinical apps and medical equipment are like fine-tuning the instruments in a grand symphony, ensuring that each note is in perfect harmony.

    High returns from consolidating multi-site management into a single pane of glass are like discovering a treasure trove hidden in plain sight.

    The criticality of disaster recovery and failover procedures is like preparing for a siege, ensuring that patient care never falters.

    The need for tight access controls between medical, payment, and insurance systems is like safeguarding the kingdom’s treasury, ensuring that only trusted hands have access.

    The significance of optimizing telehealth application performance and reliability is like ensuring that the message reaches the farthest corners of the kingdom, reliably and without delay.


How does Cato SASE Cloud deal with Security & Access in healthcare?

In healthcare security and access, Cato SASE Cloud becomes the watchdog ensuring that healthcare data remains secure and accessible.

Cato SASE & Consltek’s Managed SASE Services For Healthcare

  • Secure Telehealth Solutions and Remote Healthcare Access

    Picture the critical lifeline of telehealth, where every connection is a bridge to healthcare. Cato is the gatekeeper, securing telehealth with the mastery of a sentinel.

    Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is the guardian at the gate, ensuring that only the trusted can enter this sacred realm.

    Device posture checks are the vigilant inspectors, verifying the health of every device, like doctors checking vital signs.

    Encrypted connections are the protective cocoon, shielding the data as it travels through the digital world.

    Fine-grained access policies are the wise counselors, ensuring that only approved users, devices, and apps are granted passage.

    Real-time monitoring is the ever-watchful sentinel, detecting and blocking threats with the precision of a sharpshooter.

  • Unify Security Policy Management Across Healthcare IT

    Envision a sprawling kingdom, where security controls need to be uniform across every corner.

    Cato is the sovereign, centralizing security management with the authority of a ruler.

    A single pane of glass is the royal decree, allowing the application of consistent controls across networks, clouds, devices, and users, like a uniform law for the entire realm.

    Contextual policies are the adaptable chameleons, changing access automatically based on user identity, device health, behavior, and app risks, like laws that evolve to suit the circumstances.

  • Improve Security for Emerging Care Delivery Models

    Visualize a brave new world of healthcare, where innovation is the key.

    Cato is the trailblazer, securing new models like the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and remote patient monitoring with the precision of an explorer.

    Ingress points are the guarded gates, isolated and fortified, like citadels protecting the kingdom.

    Device authentication is the keymaster, allowing only trusted devices to enter, like guardians recognizing allies.

    Behavioral monitoring is the vigilant watchman, detecting anomalies as they arise.

    Secured data flows are the protected pathways, ensuring that information reaches its destination without compromise, like secure routes through uncharted territory.

  • Get Healthcare Compliance Expertise

    Imagine a council of wise advisors, guiding the kingdom on the path of compliance.

    Cato’s healthcare compliance team is that council, offering expertise with the wisdom of sages.

    They provide guidance on technical implementation, like master craftsmen building the infrastructure.

    With Consltek, they conduct audits with the precision of inspectors.

    They help in developing HIPAA policies, like legal scholars writing the constitution.

    They integrate with Electronic Health Records (EHRs) like bridge builders connecting realms.

    And they utilize Cato’s capabilities to efficiently meet healthcare compliance obligations, like architects designing a fortress.

  • Secure Research Systems and Medical IoT from Threats

    See the treasure troves of research and the web of interconnected medical devices.

    Cato is the protector, isolating research systems and medical IoT devices into their own secure domains.

    Device authentication is the gatekeeper, allowing only authorized devices to enter, like guards recognizing trusted allies.

    Behavioral monitoring is the vigilant overseer, watching for any deviations from the norm.

    Restricted access between zones is the impenetrable barrier, ensuring that only those with the right credentials are granted access, like locked vaults protecting valuable assets.

  • Migrate Healthcare to the Cloud Securely

    Visualize the journey to the cloud, where data must travel safely. Cato is the guide, brokering and securing all traffic between legacy on-premises healthcare infrastructure and the cloud environments.

    It simplifies the path to the cloud, like a seasoned traveler showing the way, while maintaining unified security, compliance, and access controls, like a reliable map to ensure a safe journey.



In conclusion, the powerful partnership of Cato SASE Cloud and Consltek’s Managed SASE Services emerge as the steadfast guardian of healthcare innovation. 

With unified controls provided by the Cato SASE Cloud platform, the complexity of hybrid healthcare environments is streamlined, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on what truly matters: patient care.

Consltek takes the lead in managing Cato SASE Cloud, optimizing it to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry. 

They not only enhance security but also pave the way for new care delivery models, seamlessly integrating connectivity and security into the fabric of healthcare.

As healthcare undergoes a digital transformation, the duo remains vigilant, addressing the ever-expanding cyber risks that threaten patient data.

    Article by:

    Rajesh Haridas

    Rajesh Haridas is the founder and CEO of Consltek. He brings in 20+ years of experience working in the technology industry.

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