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  1. Network
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  3. Communication
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  5. Identity Management
  6. Device Management. 

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Just How Secure Is Your IT?

  • 80% of Senior IT Leaders need better protection. [Forbes]
  • 78% lack confidence in Cybersecurity Posture. [Yahoo Finance]
  • 20% of breaches caused by compromised credentials, costing USD 4.37 Million. [IBM]

Don't be a statistic. Create your safety net, today.

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    The deep technical expertise of their Engineers and their attention to detail in everything they do makes our life easier.

    We have engaged Consltek Inc on several security and unified communication projects over the last 5 years. Their ability to understand the business needs and translating it into the right solution within the budget is what stands them apart.

    - Han Cho
    Managing Partner, HC Consulting

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    Consltek consistently delivers on that ‘gold standard’ service!

    Consltek manages and currently support our network infrastructure and applications. Their engineers are very professional and are very responsive. In support, the biggest key that customers have always asked for is timely response to inquiry and support requests.

    - Neil Bocalan
    VP Technical Operations, Allgress Inc

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    Consltek has been our strategic security partner for all things AAA, NAC, and PKI.

    I’d go into any battle with their technical leadership and work ethic.

    - Shawn Jackman
    CEO Clinical Mobility Inc


4 Facts You Should Know

  1. 1

    This offer is open to all companies in North America

  2. 2

    Pick any 1 of 6 audit services.

  3. 3

    This offer ends on 28 February 2024

  4. 4

    This audit is not certified compliance for NIST, SOC, or other standards.

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