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Newsletter from Consltek, April 2022, #003 Edition

Hey, Rajesh Haridas from Consltek here.

Every business starts with great zeal. For many, the steam runs out after a while. 

Businesses, like human beings, die after a while. 

In a disruptive technology-led world like the one we live in right now, many businesses die sooner because they are ill-prepared for the changes that take place.

Markets change. Needs of customers change. Markets get reconfigured by new entrants. Technology disrupts everything.

So how do businesses survive in today's competitive business world?

The secret of business survival is growth. 

And when does the company grow? 

When its revenues outweigh its costs of doing business. 

When it expands its business scope in keeping with changing market needs. 

Most importantly, when its business operates smoothly without any halts.

One of the crucial ingredients in this survival, growth, smooth operations mix is Information Technology.

IT alas is vulnerable to attack. The computing power of hackers has grown exponentially over the years.

The quantum of information and devices on the web has exploded too.

This cocktail makes it easier for attackers to stymie the growth of many businesses.

The increasing number of cyber attacks today and its impact on businesses is the topic of this current newsletter.

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This issue covers

#1. Cybersecurity Threats 2022: What It Means For CISOs

Yes, your business is open to cyber attack.

If the attack succeeds, that means you could end up paying millions of $$$$$$$ for repair, or as ransom. 

As an IT Head, you should know what these threats are. And how to deal with them in 2022.

Check it out.

#2. How To Secure Your Data With Hack Proof Passwords In 2022

In 2021, several high profile companies were hacked.

Data breaches now occur on a routine basis.

One way to prevent a siege is through strict password policies.

Read how to secure this:

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