Exclusive IT Expense Audit For Healthcare

Seized With Problems That Stretch Your Budget?

  • Soaring Software Costs: Ever-growing expenses on software licenses, many gathering digital dust.
  • Hardware Overheads: The hefty price tags attached to maintaining and upgrading physical hardware.
  • Outsourced IT Inefficiency: Managed IT services that promise the moon but leave you in the financial dark.
  • Staffing Strain: Balancing an IT team's size and skills against the budget's bottom line.
  • Data Storage Dilemma: The juggling act of safeguarding patient data while keeping an eye on storage costs.
  • Telecom Tangle: Navigating the maze of telecommunications expenses and compliance requirements.

Consltek Saves You Money & Sleep

  • Trim Software Fat: Reducing software licenses can save up to 30% of software costs
  • Cloud Versus Clutter: Moving to the cloud can reduce hardware costs by up to 50% and operational costs by up to 40%
  • Managed Service Magic: Outsourcing IT services can lower IT costs by up to 40% and increase productivity by up to 60%.
  • Staffing Strategy: Optimizing the IT team can reduce labor costs by up to 20% and improve employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Secure Storage Solutions: Protecting data with encryption and backup can prevent data breaches that can cost an average of $7.13 million per incident in the healthcare sector.
  • Telecom & Compliance Tactics: Finding telecom savings can reduce telecom expenses by up to 35% and turning compliance into a cost advantage can generate up to $3.5 million in annual savings .

How Cleveland University Saved $90,000 pa

When Cleveland University needed an IT security solution, Consltek found an option that met their needs at $10K annually. This was in stark contrast to the $100K quote from another vendor.

Life Without IT Expense Audit

  • IT budgets bloated with hidden costs, underused resources, and compliance conundrums.
  • Will cost you to audit your IT expense.

Life With IT Expense Audit

  • A lean IT budget, resources maximized, compliance streamlined, and costs cleverly cut. 
  • Saves you by way of IT Expense Audit Fees
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    The deep technical expertise of their Engineers and their attention to detail in everything they do makes our life easier.

    We have engaged Consltek Inc on several security and unified communication projects over the last 5 years. Their ability to understand the business needs and translating it into the right solution within the budget is what stands them apart.

    - Han Cho
    Managing Partner, HC Consulting

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    Consltek consistently delivers on that ‘gold standard’ service!

    Consltek manages and currently support our network infrastructure and applications. Their engineers are very professional and are very responsive. In support, the biggest key that customers have always asked for is timely response to inquiry and support requests.

    - Neil Bocalan
    VP Technical Operations, Allgress Inc

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    Consltek has been our strategic security partner for all things AAA, NAC, and PKI.

    I’d go into any battle with their technical leadership and work ethic.

    - Shawn Jackman
    CEO Clinical Mobility Inc