Your Compass in the Cyber Seas: Introducing Consltek’s Hackability Forecast

Posted On 14 Aug, 2023

The Turbulent Seas of Cyber Threats

The world of cybersecurity is a stormy ocean.

Threats loom large like monstrous waves, in the form of tough regulations and compliance laws, ready to strike when you least expect them. Worse, there are pirates waiting like vultures to swoop on your data. Both can cause storms that could disrupt your business.

And like a ship without a compass, businesses often find themselves lost, not knowing when and where the storm will hit.

Enter Consltek’s Hackability Forecast. It’s not just a tool; it’s your guiding star, your compass, your map in this vast, treacherous ocean.


What is the Hackability Forecast?

How do you tame the pirates ahead in rough weather? How do you prepare for this? Find out.

Imagine a comprehensive set of organized and easy-to-answer questions that you can complete in under 5 minutes. Sounds simple, right?

But don’t be fooled by its simplicity. These questions are designed to uncover the hidden vulnerabilities of your IT Systems.

These are the exact same questions that our highly trained engineers asked during a $7500 value paid audit until a few months ago.

The result? A detailed report on the state of your IT Systems, highlighting where they are most vulnerable. It’s like having an experienced captain at your helm, pointing out the hidden icebergs long before they become a threat.

The report gives you a crystal clear idea of what to fix before it’s too late. It’s not just a life-saver for your IT Systems; it’s a life-saver for your entire business.


An Offer You Can’t Miss

You need a compass that tells you how close to a pirate you are and how to steer clear of them.

And the best part? For a very limited time, till 30 September 2023, you get to use this questionnaire and generate your Hackability Forecast Report for FREE.

Yes, free as in beer.

After that, our regular price of $199 pm will apply. But why wait? The storm is brewing, and every second counts.

The best part is that if you get in early, you can even do the test twice, or thrice, as you keep tweaking the bits of your setup.


The Rising Number Of Pirates On Cyber Seas

Are you ready to handle these rough fellas on your journey? They are waiting for the treasures on your IT ship.

The threats are real. The damages are catastrophic. Authority quotes and industry reports paint a grim picture:

  • Cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021 – Cybersecurity Ventures.
  • 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses – Small Biz Trends.
  • 64% of companies have experienced web-based attacks – Statista.


Your Compass in this Storm

Consltek’s Hackability Forecast is not just a tool; it’s your compass in the storm. It guides you, directs you, helps you steer clear of the dangers lurking.

Whether you are an IT Admin or a business owner, understanding where you stand against cyber threats is vital. The Hackability Forecast helps you:

  • Detect Vulnerabilities: Just like a seasoned captain spotting an iceberg, it helps you see the hidden dangers.
  • Prioritize Fixes: Not all threats are equal. Know what to fix first and set your course accordingly.
  • Prevent Catastrophe: Prevention is better than recovery. Secure your ship before the storm hits.


The Cost of Navigating Blind

Pirate ahoy! Don’t wait till you’re so close to one.

Imagine setting sail into the unknown without a compass, a map, or any navigation tools. The risks are enormous, and so are the costs.

Traditional IT Audits, while effective, can be exorbitant, often ranging up to $7500 or more.

Then there are the storms – the catastrophic breaches, the data leaks, the hacks that cripple businesses.

Remember Yahoo’s infamous data breach that cost $350 million in deal cuts? Or Equifax’s staggering loss of reputation and finances?


The Compass You Can Afford

What if there was an easy way to steer clear of the storms ahead?

But what if you had a compass that costs you nothing?

Yes, Consltek’s Hackability Forecast is that compass, available FREE for a limited time until September 30, 2023.

It’s like having a seasoned captain onboard, guiding you through the rough seas without denting your budget. It’s your opportunity to avoid the costly mistakes, the multi-million dollar fines, and the crushing reputational damages.


Hackability Forecast: Sailing made safe as 1-2-3-4

  1. Click to the URL: Your journey begins with a simple click. Like hoisting the sails, it’s the first step towards safe navigation.
  2. Start answering the questions: Think of it as plotting your course. The questions guide you, helping you understand the seascape of your cybersecurity.
  3. Get the report: It’s like reaching a safe harbor. Your report, your map, is ready. Know where the dangers lurk. 
  4. Fix the problems. Set sail with confidence.


How does Hackability Forecast work?

Just 7 thorough steps to know how seaworthy is your business for the pirate storms ahead. 

You can cover this in just 5 minutes with the Hackability Forecast from Consltek.

  1. Understand Your Ship: Your vessel is your business. What shape is it in? Are the sails ready to catch the wind? Do you know your crew? The industry you’re navigating has its unique perils. Knowing your ship is the first step to mastering the seas.
  2. Safeguard the Treasure Chest: Every ship carries a treasure. Yours might be data, intellectual property, or physical locations. How well are these protected? The pirates are always on the prowl.
  3. Fortify Your Vessel: Fortifications matter when the storms hit. How robust is your hull? The servers, network devices, inventory of applications—it’s all about crafting the strongest ship to withstand the tempests.
  4. Set Sail with Communications: In the open sea, communication is vital. How freely do you let information flow? Whether it’s personal device access or managing BYOD devices, these lines of communication shape the voyage.
  5. Maintain the Ship: Regular maintenance keeps a ship seaworthy. When did you last patch up the sails or reinforce the hull? The little things can mean the difference between smooth sailing and shipwreck.
  6. Prepare for Storms: A storm can come out of nowhere. Are you ready? Backups, encryption, recovery testing—these aren’t just chores; they’re lifelines when the waves get rough.
  7. Navigate with Advanced Tools: Navigation tools were once the stars and a compass. Now they’re firewalls, anti-malware, and sophisticated systems. The sea’s changed; have you?

The Hackability Forecast is more than just a tool; it’s your sea chart for the uncharted waters of cybersecurity. It’s a call to the curious, the brave, the ones looking to not just survive but thrive in these ever-changing tides.


The Pirate Storm is Coming – Act Now

The cyber seas are never calm. Threats are brewing, hackers are plotting, and time is of the essence.

  • Do it now before your systems are hacked and you shell out a million dollars to repair the problem. It’s not just about money; it’s about reputation, trust, and the very survival of your business.
  • Do it for FREE before September 30, 2023. The offer is limited, like a safe passage through a storm. Don’t miss the opportunity to sail through cybersecurity with confidence.

FAQs: Navigating Your Questions

Safeguarding your ship navigating through treacherous cyber waters.

  • I don’t see how this relates to my business.

    Your business is a ship, and the cyber world is an ocean filled with hidden icebergs. Our Hackability Forecast tool is the radar that detects potential threats, guiding you through safe waters and giving you the opportunity to be compliant and avoid hackers.

  • We’ve never been hacked before, why start worrying now?

    Smooth sailing today doesn’t mean calm seas tomorrow. Our tool is your lookout, ensuring that unseen threats don’t take you by surprise. An ounce of prevention is worth more than a ton of repairs.

  • We have basic cybersecurity measures; that’s enough.

    Basic measures are like a simple compass; it shows direction but doesn’t reveal what lies ahead. Our tool is like a modern navigation system, alerting you to what’s beyond the horizon.

  • How do I know this tool actually works?

    Trust in your equipment is vital on a long voyage.

    Our Hackability Forecast tool has been tested and trusted by captains in the industry, steering businesses clear of harm.

  • I’ve never heard of Consltek before; can I trust you?

    Navigators of old explored new routes and discovered unseen lands.

    Consltek is your guide to uncharted territory, a proven ally in the turbulent seas of cybersecurity.

  • What if this is just a scheme to get my company’s data?

    Your ship’s blueprints are safe with us.

    We’re the seasoned sailors who value the integrity of the vessel as much as you do.

    Your trust is our compass. Do rest assured.

  • Will this be too technical for my team to understand?

    Our Hackability Forecast Quesionnaire is like a navigational system that everyone on board can read, whether they’re the captain or the cabin crew.

    It’s clear guidance without the jargon.

  • What if I invest in this, and it doesn’t pay off?

    Investment in navigation is an investment in safe passage.

    Our tool helps steer clear of costly mishaps. It’s free to use until 30 Spetember 2023. $199 thereafter.

  • Is my business really at risk, or is this just a scare tactic?

    The open cyberseas sea are filled with both known and unknown risks.

    We’re not ringing false alarms; we’re offering a lifeline to ensure your voyage is smooth and secure.

  • I can look into this later; we have other priorities now.

    Delaying a safety check is like ignoring a small leak in the ship’s hull.

    It might seem trivial until the storm hits. Timing is of the essence.

  • We’re planning to overhaul our entire IT system soon; I’ll think about this after.

    A ship in repair still needs to know the tides.

    Our Hackability Forecast Tool aligns with your current voyage and future plans, ensuring smooth sailing throughout.

  • Our IT department is already working on security; this isn’t urgent.

    Your IT department is your skilled crew working tirelessly. Our Hackability Forecast Tool is like a seasoned first mate, an additional hand, enhancing the crew’s efforts.

    Navigating the ever-changing seas of the digital world requires vigilance, foresight, and the right tools. Your ship, your business, deserves the best navigation. 

    Let Consltek’s Hackability Forecast Tool be your guide. Set your course for success and Take the Hackability Test now.

Article by:

Rajesh Haridas

Rajesh Haridas is the founder and CEO of Consltek. He brings in 20+ years of experience working in the technology industry.

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